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2023, August
Fondazione Architettura Alto Adige
Salto Bolzano

Così la fotografia costruisce l'architettura. Karina Castro e Gustav Willeit sul rapporto con l’arte spaziale, il potere dell’immagine fissa e la coscienza dello sguardo.

2023, June

Karina Castro on
photographing a sublime Swiss School.
Interview by Lexi Taciak.
Today’s Project of the Week takes us on a journey with Milan-based photographer Karina Castro.

2023, April

Karina Castro racconta la sua serie fotografica “Human domination on Earth” realizzata tra il 2019 e il 2021, raccontando le tracce umane e le storie dietro a ognuno dei luoghi rappresentati.

2023, March
Interview to Park Associati
Interni Magazine

Starting from Human domination on Earth, from March 22 at the Park Hub, the architects underline the importance of investing in culture, to create social value for the community.
Filippo Pagliani and Michele Rossi, founders of the Milanese architecture studio, tell us about the exhibition, and explain why it is important to invest in creating culture, without ask for nothing in return, but, as they say, "to create social value for the community, with a view to a renewal of planning and thinking".

2022, August
Design Miami
“The choise is ours”
Photographer Karina Castro juxtaposes
positive and negative human impact on the natural world, encouraging us to pick a side. Interview by Wava Carpenter

2021, April
C41 Magazine
C41 Questions on: in conversation with Karina Castro on Human Domination on Earth. Video-interview published by C41 Magazine, a magazine of contemporary visual art

2021, February
Icarus Complex Magazine
Interview with Karina Castro
An interview exploring the research Human domination on Earth was featured by Icarus Complex Magazine, a printed and biannual magazine that takes an in-depth look at the issue surouding climate change

2021, June
An interview and an article titled Naive Realism wrote by Karina Castro regarding Photography and realism. 








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