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Werk, bauen+wohnen
Open spaces 6-2024

In the dense city, open spaces often take on several functions at the same time - ecological and social. How does the balancing act between biodiversity, sociability and recovery succeed?
The issue number 6-2024 publishes the images of Bussy-sur-Moudon designed by Emixi.
Publisher: Werk, bauen+wohn

Casabella 957
Dignity of the void

It is hard to imagine that projects such as those examined in «Casabella» 957, designed by Experience, Felgendreher Olfs Köchling and Karamuk Kuo, three vast containers sharing in the fact of being “voids” as Michel Carlana defines them, could have been conceived without the aid of the technologies utilized by most contemporary design firms today.
The issue number 957 publishes the images of Felgendreher Olfs Köchling Architekten Werkhof, Schattdorf, Kanton Uri, Switzerland by Karina Castro.

Ancora Milano 2
A portrait of a city that is deeply devoted to design.
The Creative Director Sabato De Sarno brings ‘Gucci Prospettive 2: Ancora Milano, Curated by Paola Antonelli from the MoMa.
The second edition follows the first by looking at the Milanese point of view, but this time with Paola’s focus on architecture and design.
The book includes the project of Monte Amiata Housing created by Karina Castro.
Author: Paola Antonelli
Publisher: Contrasto

Fabrica Research Centre
Photographs of Fabrica Research Centre, the first Tadao Ando Architects European villa restoration comission in 1922.  Located near the city of Treviso, the building was an old villa restored to become a thriving creative research center.

Pages 32, Paperback
Publisher: Self-published portfolio

Le dimensioni dell’architettura
A tribute to Bruno Zevi, a leading figure of the Italian twentieth century and co-founder of the Aldo Della Rocca Foundation.
The book publishes the Fabrica Research Center images created by Karina Castro. 
Author: Elodia Rossi
Format: University book
Publisher: Rubbettino

Exhibition Catalogue
The third edition of Fresh Eyes invites you to discover a fresh batch of emerging talents from across the European continent on the state of affairs in contemporary photography today, through the eyes of this exciting new generation of photographers.
Hard Cover
166 × 225 mm
616 Pages
Publisher: Gup Magazine
Distribution: Idea Books

Monte Amiata Housing
The Portuguese photographer Karina Castro stepped into the building design in 1967 by Carlo Aymonino and Aldo Ross as she was one of the dwellers. With a synesthetic walk through the housing blocks, she visually captures the complex design of forms and colors of this modern masterpiece.
Monte Amiata Housing Carlo Aymonino, Aldo Rossi
Pages 32, Size 14.8 x 21 Paperback
Publisher: Divisare Books

Enciclopedia Italiana, issue 10
The quarterly magazine "Enciclopedia Italiana" is an editorial project with which Treccani invites readers to reflect and investigate the world of art and culture. In the 10 issue, Monte Amiata Housing image was published along with the extract of the series Casa written by Luca Molinari
Four-monthly magazine edited by Massimo Bray.
Format: closed magazine
24 x 31 cm
Publisher: Treccani

Cultural Bulletin, Issue E
offers 'an international view of creative work.
The last Issue E of Cultural Bulletin explores the research Human Domination on Earth with different authors contributing to create different perspectives on the theme Place and Identity.
52 pages
21cm x 30cm
Issue E 2021, Theme: Place & Identity
Published in London, 2021
Distribution: Antenne Books

The Routledge Companion
Academic book on urbanism featuring image of Monte Amiata Housing.
Twentieth Early Twenty-First Centurt Urban Design
A History of Shifting Manifestoes, Paradigms,
Generic Solutions, and Specific Designs
Written by John Lang
Publisher: The Routledge Companion, 2021

Il Fotografo, Inside / Out
The new Issue of the Italian photography magazin Il Fotografo selected the research Human domination on Earth to be published in the portflio section, exploring the relationship between humans and space.
Theme: Inside / Out Relazione tra l’uomo e lo spazio
Issue number 328
March 2021
Publisher: Sprea Editori, IT


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