Human domination on Earth

Project 2019-2021

Inkjet print on cotton paper mounted on aluminium d-bond board. 54x105 cm

The Portuguese visual researche project investages how man’s actions, whether negative or positive, modyfy the environment in which we live.
The word Anthropocene has not even had time to settle into our lexicon, when a series of alternative definitions—supported by increasingly stimulating concepts, theories and statements—are already undermining its validity.

The fortunate neologism coined by Crutzer and Soermer at the beginning of our millennium, which then went viral, has been joined over time, with more or less success, by Norgaard's Econocene, Pyne's Pyrocene, Tsing's Plantationocene, Chertkovskaya and Paulsson's Growthocene, and finally by the Capitalocene of the British sociologist Jason W. Moore (who, in criticising and stigmatising all the other definitions, recognises in the Anthropocene at least «the power of its narrative [and] the virtue required of all Great Ideas: timing»). (...)

Right from the title of her latest project, Portuguese photographer Karina Castro seems to have no doubts: Human Domination on Earth is in fact a calm but incisive visual reflection on the evidence of anthropic impact on the landscape. With the slow pace of long–term work, driven by theories whose validity must necessarily be verified in the field, the Milan based visual researcher is collecting a long series of concrete examples of how man has modified, is modifying and is destined to modify the planet on which his evolution began and, perhaps, will end.

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Review written by the author Raffaele Vertaldi for Domus magazine

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Solo exhibition at Park Hub, Park Associat Milan, 2023 curated by Costanza Nizzi / Inkjet print on cotton paper mounted on alluminium d-bond board 54x105.

New European Photography talent 2021 catalogue curated by Gup magazine Fresh Eyes, presented at Art Rotterdam 2021.

Selected pubblication:
Interni Magazine
Park Assciaiti raccontano la mostra di Karina Castro e spiegano perché si deve fare cultura. Domus Magazine
Raffaele Vertaldi writes a review on Human domination on Earth for Domus Magazine
C41 Magazine
C41 Questions on: in conversation with Karina Castro on Human Domination on Earth. Video-interview published by C41 Magazine, a magazine of contemporary visual art
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An interview exploring the research Human domination on Earth was featured by Icarus Complex Magazine, a printed and biannual magazine that takes an in-depth look at the issue surroouding climate change


2023, Solo exhibition, Park Hub, Park Associati, Milan
2021, Group Exhibition, New European Photography talent, Rotterdam
2021, Group Exhibition, Moors Valley
2021, Group Exhibition, Riaperture Photofestival, Ferrara
2021, Group Exhibition, Roya Geographical Society, London
2021, Group Exhibition, Museum of Science and Industry, Manchester, UK

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