Via Montevideo
20144 Milan, Italy
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2021, October
Fresh Eyes

New European Photography talents 2021 - exhibition curated by FreshEyes and GUP.

Show from 14-17 October

2021, October
Moors Valley

Photographs and films which stimulate conversations about our world and its inhabitants - an exhibition curated by Royal Geographical Society - will display Human domination on Earth.

Show from 04-16 October
Ashley Heath, UK

2021, September

The project Monte Amiata Housing will be exhibited at BUSO, fostered by Chiara Ascari and Costanza Nizzi on the occasion of Biennale Architettura 2021

Show from 6 September
Until 6 October, 2021
Veneza, Italy

2021, September
Riaperture Photofestival

The research Human domination on Earth will be exhibited at the Factory Grisu by Riaperture Photofestival

Show from 10 September
Until 3 October, 2021
Ferrara, Italy

2021, September

Panorama - a platform that archives artistic projects on human’s relationship with landscape and territory
- explores the research Human domination on earth.

2021, July
Fresh Eyes talent 2021
The New European Photography

Hard Cover, 616 Pages
Distributed by Idea Books
The third edition of FRESH EYES curated by Gup magazine presents a fresh batch of emerging talents from across the European continent.

2021, July
Domus Magazine

Raffaele Vertaldi writes a review on Human domination on Earth for Domus Magazine

2021, July
Royal Geographical Society
Human domination on Earth will be exhibited at the Royal Geographical Society - the Institute of British Geographers.

Show from 26 July
Until 25 August, 2021
London, UK

2021, June
Broad Magazine

Broad, a magazine that connects and brings emerging artists together from around the world, explores the research Human domination on Earth

2021, May
New European Photography
Karina Castro was selected as the European talent 2021: the curation of New European Photography done by Fresh Eyes and Gup magazine

2021, April
C41 Magazine

C41 Questions on: in conversation with Karina Castro on Human Domination on Earth. Video-interview published by C41 Magazine, a magazine of contemporary visual art

2021, March
Cultural Bulletin
The last issue of the British art magazine explore the research Human domination on Earth with different authors contributing to create different peserpectives on the theme Place and Identity

2021, March
Il Fotografo magazine
The new issue of the Italian Photography magazine published the research Human domination on Earth in the portfolio section, exploring the relationship between humans and space

2021, February
Museum of Science and Industry

PV Floating Technology Image, part of Human domination on Earth series, will be displayed at the Museum of Science and Industry, curated by the Royal Photographic Society

Show from 12 February
Until May 2021
Manchester, UK

2021, February
Icarus Complex Magazine
Interview with Karina Castro

An interview exploring the research Human domination on Earth was featured by Icarus Complex Magazine, a printed and biannual magazine that takes an in-depth look at the issue surroouding climate change

2021, February
Expert Photography
Most Influencial Photographers
The Expert Photography magazine has selected Karina Castro as one of the most influential Photographers of 2021

2021, January
Published by Routledge Companion

The academic book ‘Twentieth Early Twenty-First Century’ published by Routledge Companion, written by John Lang, explores the urbanism and architecture history, publishing images of Monte Amiata Housing research.